About Me

Hi there. I’m Ilya (it’s Russian for Elijah).

I’m a writer and editor with OCCRP, a non-profit investigative journalism organization based in Sarajevo that works to expose corruption and organized crime around the world.

Previously,  I co-edited Democracy Lab, a channel at Foreign Policy that focused on the challenges of democratic transitions.

The stories I’m interested in mostly have to do with the problems of liberal democracy: where it came from, where it’s going, how it’s working or not working, and how to make it work better — for everyone. I’d make a joke about being cursed to live in interesting times, but all times are interesting times.

I was born in Russia, back when it was the Soviet Union and still had a National Idea. Though I moved to the U.S. as a child, the motherland will always be with me, especially through its language and its poetry. I learned English watching early ’90s Disney movies and the Back to the Future trilogy, and remain a devoted fan of both. I also speak German, badly but with relish.

Those are some of the things that move me. If they move you too — or if you just want to say hi— let’s be in touch! Find me on Facebook and Twitter. Or email me: ilya dot lozovsky at gmail. (Does this trick still work?)