A Russian journalist was detained. Then others stood up to save him.
Standing stiffly in a metal defendant’s cage in a Moscow courtroom Saturday, Russian investigative journalist Ivan Golunov faced a chorus of clicking cameras and shouted questions.
Washington Post | June 10, 2019

The Death of Tajikistan’s Islamic Renaissance
Authoritarian, impoverished Tajikistan once boasted one of the most effective opposition parties among the former Soviet republics. Then, in just a matter of months, it was gone.
OCCRP | June 5, 2018

The Russian Media and the Fall of Aleppo
State-run outlets are essential to making the case for Putin’s intervention in Syria.
The Atlantic | December 25, 2016

Facebooking Ourselves to Death
Americans are awash in a sea of disinformation. We’ve got to fight back.
Foreign Policy | November 18, 2016

Ukraine’s Women Are Kicking Ass and Taking Names
From small towns to the halls of parliament, women are at the forefront of change.
Foreign Policy | October 27, 2016

Why Ukraine’s Desperate Struggle Gives Me Hope
Contrary to popular belief, Ukrainians are turning the tide in their fight for democracy.
Foreign Policy | September 21, 2016

Putin’s Troops March for Moscow’s Neverending Victory
Newsweek | May 9, 2016

We Knew the Panama Papers Would Make a Splash. But in Iceland?
It’s no coincidence that the people of this tiny island nation were the first to punish their leader’s misdeeds.
Foreign Policy | April 5, 2016

What Kind of Putin Will the Next US President Face?
Newsweek | March 18, 2016

A Russian Reporter Goes to a Trump Rally — And Feels at Home
From a Russian point of view, the Iowa caucuses look a little different.
Foreign Policy | February 2, 2016

Freedom by the Numbers
Freedom House’s index of freedom in the world is flawed — but the story it tells is indispensable.
Foreign Policy | January 29, 2016

I’m a Russian-born American Jew. My people’s rejection of Syrian refugees breaks my heart.

Barely a generation ago, we, too, were unwelcome on these shores.
Washington Post | November 23, 2015

Cards Against Humanitarians

How a satirical card game is skewering the international development industry — and raising uncomfortable critiques of the global development agenda.
Foreign Policy | September 28, 2015

The Spirit of Lviv

How Ukraine’s most European city forged a popular movement against corruption and bad governance.
Foreign Policy | September 16, 2015

In Democratic Vote, Moscow Looks to Restore Soviet Symbol

Foreign Policy | June 25, 2015

In Post-Soviet Azerbaijan, PR Does You

Foreign Policy | June 12, 2015

How Azerbaijan And Its Lobbyists Spin Congress

The Aliyev regime is selling itself in Washington as friendly and progressive. Is your Congressman buying it?
Foreign Policy | June 11, 2015

A Wake-Up Call for NGOs

On the margins of the Oslo Freedom Forum, Tunisian activist Amira Yahyaoui offers a sharp critique of the professional human rights community.
Foreign Policy | June 5, 2015

Why Ukraine’s Mini Sex Scandal Is a Sign of Progress

Foreign Policy | April 29, 2015

Russia’s Foremost Environmental Activist: ‘Oil Is at Fault for Everything.’

Foreign Policy | April 24, 2015

Rolling Up the Welcome Mat

The United States’ best soft-power tool is an obscure government program you’ve never heard of. Does it still have a future?
Foreign Policy | March 10, 2015

Think Harder

The world of think tanks is due for a reality check.
Foreign Policy | January 27, 2015

The Ukraine Crisis Is Not a Game

CNN Global Public Square | March 11, 2014